Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Another crazy day

Well my morning started out ok. I checked on pencils and organized my copies and a milllion other little things that I can never seem to get done throughout my day and by 8 am my school was under a lockdown and around 8:50 I was in the cafeteria along with a bunch of other people trying to watch over 200 something students with a bunch of cop cars circulating the place.

My first thought on knowing that there was a lockdown this early was: "I am sure I am going to be missing a lot of children." Boy was I proven wrong. I had 24 of my 26 kids there. Who drops off their five year old at a school surrounded by police cars and waits in a long line of cars after being told of the situation? If that had been me I would be taking my child back home where I could be assured that he/she would be safe. What is wrong with these people? Is this why their children are as crazy as they are? That thought depressed me to no end. These children grown on me to such a large degree it is ridiculous, even the annoying ones, the "bad" ones, and especially my quiet ones.

Hell the police should have been the first to say, "Look, if I were you I would just take my kid home." Though from what I heard from the securities manning the gates they were cursed out by parents mad that they could not drop off their kids. People wonder what is wrong with society and I hate to say this but its the way people relate to each other and demonstrate their respect or lack thereof to others. Children being raised by these types of people end up doing and saying the exact same things.

I often wonder why it is that things have changed so much. Was it because of technology? Are we all just becoming intolerant of one another? Is it due to the break down of the family unit? Has the down turned economy and need for quick fixes done this to society? As with most things I end up with way more questions than answers about everything.

Then we come to the weirdest part of the day. Copies. Doesn't seem like it would be a weird thing but we were told today that copies must be authorized by our coaches before being made. The only things that don't need coach approval are five or less homework sheets. Mind you this is upsetting because they are asking us to be more creative and not use worksheets but I am trying to teach kids handwriting and that is hard enough to do with a pre-made sheet let alone with just a sheet of paper. We don't even get handwriting paper from the school we would end up having to buy our own. And people wonder why teachers are mad.

Well its late and I am supposed to teach tomorrow...classifying, numbers, sight words, and short a words, oh my!

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